Equesterian Property for sale

NC Mountain Property for sale

Photos of beautiful mountain property located in the Highlands of North Carolina.

gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (28).jpg  

Horse property with 12 acre orchard grass pasture
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (29).jpg  

The lower pasture with rock walls and all weather roads
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (30).jpg  

Miles of multi layered long range views over the National Forest. This is equestrian property for sale at is finest!
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (33).jpg  

beautiful fall color and all weather roads
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (34).jpg  

views for house site over looking the pasture. South Western views
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (36).jpg  

Rear view of house site looking South West
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (38).jpg  

NC mountain real estate at its best!
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (39).jpg  

close up of main house site
gal/Washington-Gap/_thb_WG (40).jpg  

the road to Washington Gap
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Equestrian property / horse property in Jackson County, NC

Photo Gallery of Washington Gap, a North Carolina mountain property for sale. Just under 10 miles from Blue Ridge Parkway. acreage for sale